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Share the Official Rack of TomicaForum

Postby admin » Sun Dec 26, 2010 6:26 am

English wrote:TomicaForum will share a prize of shelf tomicaforum official.

Will begin on a shelf out in the month of January, February and March 2011.
Each of the shelves every month.

Number of posts> = 100 posts
each member TomicaForum follow the games of Tomica cars display photos of the type that will be determined by member tomicaforum through a poll.

For example: member TomicaForum choose car bus so the theme (most polls to choose a bus) then any member who followed the bus must display a photo Tomica that in place in threads that have been provided by TomicaForum (only in these threads.)

Who is showing the photo bus (example) most with different color variants then he is a winner.

more info, can be found at [url = viewtopic.php?f=8&t=687] here [/ url].

Merry Christmas (for the member who celebrate) and Happy New year 2011.

Indonesian wrote:TomicaForum akan membagikan hadiah berupa rak official tomicaforum.

Akan mulai di bagikan sebuah rak di bulan January, February dan Maret 2011.
Masing-masing satu rak setiap bulannya.

Jumlah post >= 100 post
setiap member TomicaForum mengikuti games berupa menampilkan foto mobil tomica yang jenis yang akan di tentukan oleh member tomicaforum melalui polling .

contoh : member TomicaForum memilih mobil Bus jadi tema ( polling terbanyak memilih bus) maka setiap member yang mengikuti harus menampilkan foto bus tomica yang di taruh di threads yang sudah di sediakan oleh TomicaForum ( hanya di threads tersebut) .

Siapa yang menampilkan foto bus ( contoh ) terbanyak dengan berbagai varian warna maka dia yang menjadi pemenang.

info lebih lanjut, dapat dilihat di sini.

Merry Christmas (untuk member yang merayakan) dan Happy New year 2011.
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